Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today I was surprised by a bouquet of fresh flowers that appeared on my desk.  Now don't get me wrong--my husband is a great guy--but NOT a candy and flowers type of guy.  When I opened the card I found that a group of teacher friends from the area district association sent them to me. They were so unexpected.  What a gorgeous reminder that friends are thinking of me and praying for me and haven't forgotten the recent losses in my life.  I am so touched that busy people from other schools thought of me today.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Yesterday was one of those lazy Sundays.  I went to church , but once I was home again I did laundry and read.  The Daytona 500 was supposed to be on and I had the TV on ready to watch it.  I decided to read a little waiting for it to start.  I finished a "trashy" novel while they rain delayed.   It was so peaceful.  Live is so busy and these type of days are few.  I am determined to enjoy them whenver possible.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



My husband and I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with both of our sons, their wives, and our two grandchildren.  We all live within about 4 hour of each other and try to get the whole family together every couple months at one of our homes.

Saturday the mommies and daddies spent the day shopping at IKEA while Papa and Nana played with the little ones at home. Jack is 10 months and Claire is 20 months.  They spent lots of time riding the horsie (Papa), playing with toys and puzzles, and reading with Nana.  What a joy when they cuddle up tight and enjoy a book or two or three as I read aloud!  Sandra Boyton's Pookie books are a special delight right now.  When Claire says, "Nana, sit." I know she wants me to read a story again and again.  It is times like these that make me feel like a real "Reading Nana."

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is a difficult season of my life.  On New Year's Eve my oldest son's wife delivered their second child.  Norah Lynn was beautiful, perfect, and stillborn.  Nearly 9 months of hopes and dreams were reduced to a few hours of holding Norah while a very special photographer took some amazing pictures.  Norah Lynn looked a lot like her older sister Claire (18 months old.) My dad found it especially hard to miss the funeral as he was in a nursing home rehabbing from pneumonia.  He felt so bad for the kids.  Three short weeks later Dad joined Norah in heaven.  2012 has been a year full of tears.