Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My granddaughter, Claire, has a song she likes to sing.  It goes like this, "Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy."  Repeat several times.

Happiness is...

Time with my grandbabies.
Playing, holding, cuddling,
Reading with them, playing more.

Time with friends.
Talking, walking for exercise, games,
Coffee and retail therapy.

Time with students.
Reading together, refining a writing piece,
Counting, and listening to each other.

Time with books.
Browsing and choosing,
Getting lost in the story.

Time with my husband.

Talking, dreaming, planning,
Riding the Harley.

Time with family.
Laughing, eating, hugging,
Catching up.

Time with God.
Reading, praying,
Listening for His voice.

How would you describe happiness?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yeah, uh-huh

My hubby and I just spent a delightful weekend with family.  Our older son and his wife came over Thursday and spent Friday with us.  They left their 22 month old daughter with us as they had to work both days of the weekend.  Nana and Papa were happy to babysit.  Saturday morning Nana had a commitment so Papa had Claire all to himself.  Claire fed our husky, Sable, treats.  Sable very carefully accepted treats from Claire.  Feeding Sable was fun in Claire's words "Yeah, uh-huh."  Then Papa and Claire took rides around the yard on the 4 wheeler (very slowly and cautiously) and it was "fun-fun, yeah, uh-huh."

When Nana got home we left for Cousin Jack's first birthday party. The party was at his other grandparents home and included friends and family from both sides.

Claire slept during our two hour ride there and woke up refreshed and ready to play.  The kids went "wheeee" down the hill in the wagon and played on the slide outside. Cousins on both sides of the family enjoyed a good time playing together.  Jack  loved riding in his new truck his mommy and daddy bought for him.  He also enjoyed scooting the present boxes around and playing with his new tractors and trucks.  Nana got him a new book, The Little Blue Truck. (I am the Reading Nana after all.)

 Jack had a special cake that he ate and smeared all over himself in the precious way only one year old's have.  We all sang happy birthday (Claire had been practicing most of the week.)  All the children savored cupcakes and balloons and their "consolation prizes."  The adults got a chance to chat and catch up on each others' lives. A golden afternoon.  "Yeah, uh-huh."

Nana and Papa and Claire left for Claire's house.  We stopped for dinner at Taco Bell.  Claire announced "tummy happy, yeah, uh-huh."  We made it to Claire's house by bedtime.

Today Nana and Papa played with Claire while Mommy and Daddy worked.  Papa ate cereal for breakfast so Claire had to have cereal too.  "Yeah, uh-huh."  Papa and Nana walked Claire around the block on her bike and went out to lunch with Daddy and Claire before heading home.

We had a great weekend!  "yeah, uh-huh!"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning

It's my Spring Break and I am on a Spring cleaning kick.  Yesterday and today were mainly spent cleaning closets.  I have found a few gems like pictures of my boys when they were in grade school and the shirt my mom bought me for my last birthday before she lost her battle with cancer.  I found about a dozen items that I took to the local consignment shop hoping to get a few dollars out of them.

I have found a lot of junk too.  Some things that made me wonder how they survived last year's spring cleaning purge.  I am happy to report that my closets are cleaned out and once again appear spacious and organized.  I also found time to clean out the bathroom cabinets and drawers. 

Tomorrow will be the day to wash windows (a much easier job since we have new tilt in replacement windows)
 and then it is off the to kitchen to clean some more. 

Thursday will be Goodwill day.  A trip to Goodwill and a relaxing lunch with a good friend are on the agenda.  I'll probably go shopping so I can begin to fill up those closets and drawers once again!