Thursday, March 14, 2013

A great start to the day

Today began with a presentation to the full staff at my school.  I was so nervous that I seriously thought I was going to throw up about 10 minutes before we were to begin.  Everything was ready.  I had rehearsed my presentation several times including a few power point slides and my handout.  But I dreaded it.  I wanted to call in sick, but didn't dare.  This was information that I had to present.  I was worried and hoping that it would be well received.

I have a habit of rushing through and talking quickly when I am nervous so I had practiced slowing down, pausing, and deliberately gave the staff a couple of times to turn and talk.  As I was finishing I glanced up at the clock.  There was 2 minutes left until time for the bell signaling that students could enter the building. I had paced myself well and was feeling good about how things had gone. Then the most amazing thing happened as the presentation ended.   They applauded!  Not only were they attentive and respectful.  Some sweet person started clapping and most of the staff (around 60 people) applauded.  What a great start to a busy day!

P.S.  My principal commented that he never gets applause.

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