Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Simple fun

Idle thoughts while watching my cat play....  Haven you ever noticed that it's the simple things that make a difference?  Each time I open a new gallon of milk I throw the milk ring on the floor.  My cat springs into action.  She pounces on that milk ring and bats it around the kitchen.  Within a few minutes it has flown into the great room and hides under the couch or the coffee table only to be nudged out and into her mouth.  She soon rolls around on the carpet with the ring firmly lodged in her mouth kicking it with her back paws and boxing it with her front paws.  A simple milk ring provides her with hours and hours of fun and exercise.

Although I do not play with milk rings, I have noticed it is often the simple things that I enjoy the most: A warm mug of  hot chocolate on a cold day.  A good book.  A good morning kiss from my hubby. A phone call from my granddaughter saying, "Nana I miss you."  Pictures on facebook of that same granddaughter in her newest dress up outfit or of my grandson enjoying his newest art project or toy.  Time with friends and family.  The simple things.

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