Monday, March 11, 2013


Holding a newborn grandchild,
Happy, tired smiles on the faces of the parents,
An "I love you, Nana" hug and kiss from Claire,
Playing Bubble Guppies on my Ipad,
Singing the alphabet song,
Enjoying family pictures on Facebook,
Hearing "I love you" for the first time from Jack,
A phone call to check in,
Time together.

Reading with a fourth grader,
"I did it!" from a first grader,
"It is so much easier when you help me plan," from a colleague,
An email reporting a group bumping up a level in guided reading,
"I am so proud of my kids, I am really noticing how they have improved as writers!"
Teachers quickly signing up for an inservice I am leading after school next week,
"Hi!  You know my name, right?'" as I pass them in the hall.

Quiet time with my hubby,
Memories of years gone by,
Sharing stories about our boys being born,
Congratulatory emails and phone calls,
A walk with a friend,
A leisurely glass of wine, 
A good book.

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  1. You sound elated in all areas of your life. This reminds me to celebrate a lot more!