Sunday, March 3, 2013

Too many irons in the fire?

My weekly Twitter update included a quote from Max Lucado, "Pull a few irons out of the fire so one can get hot."  In our super busy lives we have  lot of "irons in the fire."  Recently I have been thinking about priorities both at school and at home.

My literacy coach colleague and I have been wondering how and when we lost control of our schedules.  This past week we took the time to stop and discuss our priorities for the rest of the year.  We met with our principals and refined those priorities a bit.  It is time to pull a few irons out of the fire.

My husband and I are "updating" my dad's house before moving in and making it ours.  Life is hectic working on that house while keeping the house we are living in clean and ready for showing to prospective buyers.  We are trying to keep up our usual schedule while adding a lot of time to work at dad's.  It's time to pull a few irons out of the fire.

I love to scrapbook and have several in progress.  I enjoy shopping.  Occasionally going to the casino with Jean is another fun activity I enjoy.  I think it's time to pull those irons out of the fire for awhile.  I'll be looking for a few other irons that can wait until this phase of life has passed.


  1. I so needed to read this post today, as my workspace on my desk is dwindling due to encroaching piles of paper, FAFSA needs to get done, and my pile of papers waiting to be graded has reached Mt Everest proportions. Glad to know I'm not the only one with "too many irons"!

  2. Yesterday I attended a conference. The most important question we were asked, "What will you give up to make your goal happen?" Thanks for this thoughtful post and the quote from Max Lucado.

  3. I think this quote should go on a wall everywhere I work. There are so many things to compete for attention. Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself "what happens if this doesn't get done?" That has become my sanity question.

    Thanks for slicing!

  4. Glad you are prioritizing. Our schedules do get in the way, full, even when doing great things.