Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today I am......

Today is my birthday.  I am 57, but I am also:

12 and excited to have a new basketball hoop and ball.
16 and eager to "legally" date.
18 and anticipating college in the fall.
21 and making planning to marry the love of my life.
24 and hoping to start a family.
25 and enjoying my  infant son.
28 and enjoying my 2 month old and 3 year old sons.
29 and a first year teacher.  Second grade is wonderful!
40 and a Weight Watcher member working to lose 40 pounds.
48 and soon to be an empty nester.
49 and missing my mom who lost her battle with cancer.
53 and a first year literacy coach.  I miss my second graders, but love the new challenges.
54 and looking forward to being a first time grandma.  It's a girl.
55 and looking forward to our first grandson's birth.
56 and full of sorrow.  In January, our second granddaughter was stillborn and my dad passed away.

Today I am 57.  I am hopeful.  Later this week our third granddaughter is due.  Next month our second grandson is expected.  I am back at Weight Watchers working to get back to my goal weight.  Our house is for sale.  We are renovating Dad's house with plans to move there in another couple months of went he house sells.

Today I am 57, but I am also all of the years before.


  1. Happy birthday! Love how you approached this piece- it reminds me a little of Sandra Cisneros' short story, "Eleven." Hopefully, 57 will be a year of family and friends and grandbabies and wonder and love! Wishing you much joy!

    1. Thank you. I was thinking of Sandra Cisneros' "Eleven" as I wrote it. I meant to mention that but was so excited for the snow day off school that I forgot.