Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mom's favorite holiday

My mom LOVED Christmas.  It was the highlight of her year.  She always had a Christmas club savings so she could buy gifts, lots of gifts, for her chidlren and grandchildren.    My mom would buy one "pricey" gift per person and then spend almost as much money on little things.  Little things that let you know she thought of you often and that she had shopped and planned for months for Christmas.  She would buy toys for the little ones and things that struck her fancy for the rest of us. She would buy clothing.  It would not always be the right size, brand, or color you'd prefer, but she always "knew what would suit  her girls (or son or grandbabies) best."  Mom would buy chocolate fudge for everyone because it was her favorite.  One year she bought Macinaw fudge for everyone in the family while visiting the island in July just so we could all have the "good stuff."  Mom had all kinds of Christmas decorations all over her house.  She often bought decorations for our houses too.  Some years Mom would have a big dinner for all of us.  We stopped in with our families whenever we could during the day.  Other years she paid for all of us to spend the weekend at Turkey Run State Park, one of her favorite places on earth.  I think I miss my Mom more at Christmas time than any other time of the year.

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