Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today my husband and I worked over at my Dad's house.  Dad passed away 13 months ago.  The house he built in 1972 is soon to become our house.  We are working to "update" it before moving in.  We have had some drywallers working on the back bedrooms.  They will soon be working their way down the hallway and into the front room.  The carpet layer was out to measure and talk carpet and flooring with us.   Just over 40 years ago Dad was dreaming about his new house.  Now it is our turn.


  1. Oh, renovations. How I love and hate them at the same time! Good luck at your "new" house!

  2. Your connection at the end brings in more than just the renovations. It's the memories that will return. Keep a notebook around to capture those thoughts. Have fun with your project.